5 Makeup Trends You Need To Test

The beauty world is fickle and not to bring new trends and innovations for our necessaries . In this case, technology is a great ally. Through it we have been able to follow parades of great brands and experience the day to day of famous bloggers.

That way, those who love makeup can always be in tune with the best releases. The makeup in 2017 already has its own trends and you can not miss the main ones!

Read now and find out what they are and where you can find them!

Makeup Trends in 2017

1. Metallic lipstick

In the fashion shows of this year the clothes gained metallic tones, as well as the make-up of the models. Last year, the nude and erased tones were a great trend, which made the metallic lipsticks and more glitzy receive a lot of attention.

The metallic colors are ideal for the winter season, which is characterized by more closed colors. Thus, the metallic can give a bit of brightness, and may be the highlight of the visual. If you’re the shyest, but you want to use that trend then you can bet on a more basic make and use the metallic tones in the eyes.

2. Thick eyeliner

The eyeliner , although it makes a big difference in makeup, is usually used more discreetly, with a very thin stroke and close to the eyelashes. But a new trend has appeared: the eyeliner line is now thicker and the more the kitten shape appears, the more beautiful it gets.

The stroke must be wider and in a very characteristic geometric shape. It is a trend that leaves the application of eyeliner easier, since you do not have to make a very thin stroke.

3. Less base and more illuminator

We are experiencing a transformation in the world of makeup. Before, at the time of skin preparation, the face was well loaded with base and concealer to cover all imperfections.

Make is now making room for a more natural look and there’s more to hiding a few strokes and lines of the face. Therefore, the amount of base has decreased and instead the BB cream has become the center of attention. It is interesting because it has a less full-bodied texture, less coverage and still comes with sunscreen.

Another indispensable item that has entered the best trends of 2017 is the illuminator. When applied in the apple of the face towards the temple, above the v of the lips and along the nose, it results in a dignified appearance of the catwalks. These 2 products together form the ideal match for a healthier and brighter looking skin!

4. Make pink

For a more feminine and delicate makeup, you can opt for pink shades. In this case, the blush should be the highlight of the production. Another tip is to attach the blush to a pink metallic lipstick, as this tone provides lightness and a delicate look to the face.

Those who think color only looks good in summer are wrong. The rose is a neutral tone and has several nuances, and can be used during winter and spring.

The look of the time is the monochrome, that is, all one color. It’s the perfect opportunity to finally use that pink shadow that came in the palette and you did not know what to do with it.

5. Lacquered effect

The matte effect opaque lipsticks start to leave the scene to give way to a brighter lipstick that reflects the light. The appearance resembles a gloss, with a wet effect that makes the mouth more bulky. Ideal look to stand out in a ballad !

And that effect is not just in lipsticks. Several parades bet on the lacquered shadows. Want to try without fear of making a mistake? Bet on a black or nude shade that has this effect.

How to find these news? It’s simple: the signature makeup club can offer you all these options and others for a really cool price. Thus, it is possible to stay up to date and experience the innovations of this market.

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