Do you know which is the right move for base, powder and concealer application?

In a few days, our self-esteem gets lower and the feeling that something is wrong is inevitable. However, with some techniques, it is possible to feel refreshed and ready to face any obstacle in a confident way.

Feeling safe and realizing that people are finding you more beautiful is all good, is not it? Therefore, it is important to have that savior makeup kit to give an up on self-confidence and follow the news and trends of the world of fashion and beauty .

Do you know which are the right movements for base, powder and concealer application? So check out this tutorial that we have specially prepared to guide you!

Base application

It is ideal to leave your skin more uniform, to disguise imperfections and to make simpler the application of the other cosmetics. In addition, it should be very well spread on the face, neck and ears, as the blogger Jana Taffarel recommends . It’s good to be careful not to abuse too much, because no one deserves to get cracked skin, right?

Before moving the base, do not forget the primer , as it will help in closing the pores, disguise lines of expression and will make the makeup remain intact on your face for longer .

As for movements, it is essential not to let the base accumulate in some regions so as not to stain your skin too much. Therefore, it must be brushed from the inside out. At first, pass your base in the center of the face, on the sides of the nose and spread gradually across the face.

The Duo Fiber brush is more assertive to leave the skin looking shiny; however, the Kabuki shape has more bristles and will provide better precision and coverage.

Liquid Paper

It is advisable to use it after the base, so that you will see which areas really need to be corrected without excess product. However, the exact form of application will vary depending on the level of pigmentation of the dark circles, for example.

If you want a light makeup coverage, it is interesting to use the liquid concealer; however, if you want to hide stronger expression marks better, choose the stick format because it has a more consistent formulation.

Make a triangle just below the eye area and tap the brush of your choice so that the product completely mixes with the base and has a better absorption in the skin. Do not drag the product with your fingers, after all, you do not want to take the concealer, but disguise the imperfections!

The medium cat tongue brush is softer, has flattened tip, is narrow and ideal for correcting extensive areas such as more obvious dark circles. However, you can also use Kabuki, but keep an eye out for not accumulating more product than you need.

Compact powder

The function of this cosmetic is to finish the make . It is recommended to use it before making the  powder outline and the ideal is to focus on the locations that have the highest oils.

If you want to give a supernatural look to the skin, brush the powder slowly and spread from the center to the extremities of the face (and neck too!).

In the region where you passed the concealer, apply a thinner layer, using a sponge, and press lightly. A cool tip is to use the suntan lotion instead of the blush , to give a healthier and smoother look to your face.

The regular powder brush is the most common because it has natural bristles and gives a uniform and velvety finish. However, if you want something that bestows better accuracy in specific areas, use a powder brush with the fine point.

It is important to remember that for make to have the expected result, you need a preparation before ; so be sure to use a moisturizer according to your skin type    but it can not be the same as you put it in the body, see? The skin on the face is more sensitive and requires a greater concern.

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