Know 4 Basic Makeup Application Tips

Image is very important these days in both  professional  and personal life. Those who are good with the mirror earn valuable points in safety and self-esteem and this ends up being naturally reflected in everything they do. Within this context, knowing some basic makeup application tips is very important.

As common as it is to do this procedure, many women still make mistakes of beginners, which can harm not only the end result, but also bring serious problems to the skin itself. Want to avoid this situation? Then check out the following content:

1. Consider Your Skin Type

Many people buy their makeup without paying proper attention to their  skin type , but that is a mistake. Each skin tone and each level of oiliness calls for a specific product , which is formulated to better meet those needs and bring good results.

Brunettes and blacks, for example, can make a mixture of bases to reach the ideal color. It is important to pay attention to the cervix, remembering that the base should have an extra tone.

For blond or redhead women, care should be doubled. It may be difficult to make the right choice here in Brazil, imported items usually have more options in light tones and with pink background.

2. Test the color of the base on the face

Once you have the basic information, you need to test the color of the base on your face. The best choice is to apply a small amount of the product in the lap and give small flicks. If it disappears, you have found the right tone for you. Remember that the corrective will go after the base and you should only correct what is necessary.

It is also important to keep in mind that you need to apply the base from the top down, because, in this way, you do not raise the hair of the face and do not risk making them more evident. Make moves from the center out of your face and also circular downwards or even give only slight beats.

3. Correct use of the corrective

Correcting the use of a concealer is a challenge for any woman. A basic concept, for example, is not to use the same product to cover dark circles and correct pimples or blemishes. In the dark circles, the tone needs to be exactly that of your skin and the viscosity should be more creamy.

Instead of circular use, apply inverted triangle shape just below your eyes and smear well to illuminate the area.

For stains and pimples, the ideal would be to use a base layer and only then pass the corrective, finishing with a good facial powder to seal and fix everything, increasing the  durability  of make.

4. The moisturizer is important for everyone

Many women stop using the moisturizer because they have oily skin, but that too is a tremendous mistake. One of the basic tips of applying makeup is to bet exactly on this product, as it improves the overall look and prepares the skin to have a much better result with its production.

You can, for example, bet on a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water or else make green tea compresses as a tonic. These actions will balance the PH and you can then use an oil-free moisturizer.

In the case of mixed skin, you should avoid using the same product across the face. Use an oil-free serum in the T-zone and a creamier one in the rest.

These are some makeup application tips. Did you like the content? So check out also the  article with the 5 best products to take off the makeup and keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

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