Meet the 5 best make-up products

Did you know that sleeping without first taking off your makeup is one of the most common mistakes among women? Many products have components that, if not removed properly, can compromise the pores and block the breathing of the skin. In addition, using soap alone is not enough for deep cleansing: practice causes increased oiliness and premature aging of the skin. With that in mind, we list the top 5 products to get makeup and provide flawless skin! Check below:

1. Wet wipe

The first step to deep cleansing is to remove all the makeup with the help of a wipe. Some brands available in the market are especially indicated for the removal of excess products from the skin. The  Bourjois make-up remover , besides collaborating for a cleaner skin, is a practical option that assists in the reduction of oiliness. Its average price is R $ 35.

2. Two-phase make-up remover

The two-phase make-up remover is ideal for taking makeup in a gentle and safe way for your skin. Unlike other deodorants, this product does not have alcohol in its composition, maintaining the sensitivity of the skin balanced and avoiding future allergies or irritations.

In addition, because it contains oil, the biphasic demaquilante has the capacity to destroy the particles of the products, facilitating their removal. High quality, Sephora make-up is the perfect choice for you to indulge in daily care! It can be found, on average, for R $ 39.

3. Micellar water

New in the cosmetics market, micellar water brings an incredible technology for skin health: it can be used as a make-up remover or tonic, the product was created for the most sensitive skins, being responsible for removing – quickly and easily – both the makeup and impurities of the skin.

In Brazil, one of the most sought after options is  L’Oréal micellar water , developed especially for the skin of Brazilians. Available in perfumeries and drugstores, it can be found for an affordable value of, on average, R $ 29.90.

4. Liquid soap

After removing the makeup with the makeup remover or micellar water, it’s time to leave the face cleaner yet. For this, the tip is to opt for liquid soaps, since the bars offer more risk of accumulation of dirt.

To avoid laziness, Quem Disse Berenice has released a special version of liquid soap that also removes makeup during bathing. Available in physical stores and online, the product costs, on average, $ 33. Incredible, is not it?

5. Astringent tonic

After performing all the steps to take off the makeup, it is time to finish the skin with an astringent tonic. Providing a fresh and refreshed-looking skin , this product is able to deeply purify the pores, preventing the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

In this case, the tip is L’Oréal’s Pure Zone’s Astringent Tonic , which can be found for $ 40. And best of all: it is suitable for both oily and mixed skins!

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