Meet the 7 favorite brands of bloggers

Today, the fashion and beauty market offers an immense diversity of products to help us to be more beautiful and produced. When it comes to our appearance , every detail makes the difference, from the brand of clothing we wear to the best brush to apply blush.

But after all, how do you keep up with the trends and invest in quality products? In this case, the so-called influencers digitals bring us inspirations and tips of releases and essential items that can not be missing in our wardrobe or bag.

Thinking about it, in this post we select the favorite brands of bloggers to help you create an incredible look. Check out!

1. MAC

Globally known for the success of her makeup, MAC is not only the darling of bloggers, but also of most women. Offering extreme quality and durability , the brand bets on a wide variety of shades for its products. They include bases, correctives, rímeis, demaquilantes and diverse other indispensable accessories at the time of the production, like the brushes.

The most popular and sought-after lipsticks are Pink Nouveau, Snob and Red Ruby Woo, one of the favorites of blogger Camila Coelho.

2. Maybelline

Maybelline products can be easily found in pharmacies and have prices that fit all pockets. In general, the rums are the most commented by the bloggers, as is the case of Colossal Volum ‘Express, known for providing the perfect volume for eyelashes.

This version is so successful that it is one of the blog’s darlings like Niina Secrets and Diva Stuff. In addition, you can also find amazing quality lipsticks, shadows and eyeliner!

3. Urban Decay

Who does not like a good palette of shadows, does not it? This is the case of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, which were among the bloggers’ favorite items.

The palette features 12 shade colors of basic, neutral tones that can be easily used both day-to-day and a heavier appointment at night. The best of all is to be able to  combine the colors with each other and create a unique result with a lot of personality.

4. Contains 1g

Con 1g is one of the leading national brands and, like the others, has been specializing in providing innovative and high quality products. The Velvet base is one of the most commented items that has gained space among those in love with makeup. With medium to high coverage, it has Instensyl technology as a differential, capable of softening lines of expression.

Another interesting option are corrections in Cream Making Of, in shades of yellow, purple, salmon, green and orange, indicated to correct the color of dark circles.

5. Reinaldo Lourenço

In addition to good make-up, a neat look can change anyone’s day. Therefore, the name Reinaldo Lourenço is not only the catwalks, but also the closet of countless influencers and celebrities.

Known internationally, the brand features contemporary pieces developed for women who appreciate design and sophistication. Names like Camila Coutinho and Martina Ritter do not give up a piece of the brand.

6. Lu Monteiro

This is characterized by a clean, urban style and inspired by the cosmopolitan woman. With two physical stores in the city, it is a success among several new generation actresses.

Famous for designing pieces such as cape dresses and overalls, the brand is also present in the events and clicks of the most followed names in social networks, such as blogger Camila Coelho. It is worth checking!

7. Sigma

To have a make-up there, it is necessary to invest in quality products for the skin, as well as great accessories at the time of application. With the help of these items, you will be able to more easily reach the desired result and still have the facility to produce anywhere.

Sigma is an international brand of brushes, with unique brush kits and options for different functions. Bloggers like Marina Smith tested and approved!

Now that you’ve been inspired by the bloggers’ favorite brands, how about getting to the Makeup Signature Club and getting all the benefits of this service?

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