Swatches: Why is makeup testing so important?

That the beauty market launches one innovation after another is no secret to anyone. But how to keep up with the launches without breaking the budget? If you do not give up being beautiful and fashionable, you need to know the swatches, and find out why testing makeup through the most different traits, colors and themes is crucial.

Who ever discovered a new product through the internet and wanted to know the exact color or texture? The digital universe offers a huge range of options, and it’s just a click away for you to discover the perfect opportunity to evaluate which product you like best and do not go wrong at the time of purchase.

Do you want to decide more easily on which products to invest? So stop whatever you’re doing and find out how the swatches can help you in this. After all, when it comes to inspiration, they are the most sought after!

How it works?

Signature box options is what is not lacking in the market: fruit, fitness foods, beers, wines, clothes, coffees and so on.

In each kit you receive from 3 to 5 of  products launched  (national or imported) or most wanted on the market, full size or samples, as well as an information manual on each item. Wonderful, is not it?

If you are a makeup lover it is very easy: just go online and look for product subscriptions options that are within your budget.

After registration, you respond to a questionnaire with information such as skin color, preference of colors and other items. This will help define your profile so that you receive products that appeal to you as well as disruptive products that are great opportunities to test and innovate. For example, a kit option is the mystery box, which brings “surprise” products to the customer, triggering the desire and anxiety of women to receive it.

Most of the time, three contract options are offered: monthly, semi-annual and annual. Delivery time may vary.

Why is makeup testing important?

No one deserves to buy a powder darker than your skin, does not it? Equal nightmare is to choose a lipstick and dislike color! And that mascara that does not have the effect you wanted?

If you could go back in time, you would not have bought any of these items, would you agree? In order to avoid this, it is essential to test the products before buying because there is no chance of making a mistake.

What are the most common mistakes when buying makeup?

Do you know that product that you bought and did not use? You certainly made one of the errors below at the time of purchase!

The ideal is to use everything you have bought, and not invest more in unnecessary products, know the 3 main mistakes and eliminate them from your life:

1. Do not consider the effects of the time of year on your skin

Of course, your  summer products  can not be the same as the winter ones, because the skin changes with the season: in winter, it dries out, while in the summer, it gets more oily. Also, using the wrong tone can cause the neck, chest and ear lobes to have a different hue than the face, and this is a brutal mistake.

2. Test makeup in artificial light

Maybe you’ve already sampled some shade, lipstick, powder, or base that might have been sensational in the store, but noticed a color change in the product when you applied it after you got home.

The secret to finding the perfect makeup for your skin is to see the product under natural light. The reason? The lighting of the place is not as bright as the light of day.

3. Prove the makeup on the wrist

If you also like to test makeup like this, know that you are not alone. The key is to use your hands, wrists and arms just to get an idea of ​​the color and texture of the product, but always take into account that these regions do not have the same skin tone as the  face  and neck.

How to test makeup correctly?

First, avoid asking for advice from friends or family. This is because the choice of the ideal products depends on your tone and skin type, so what goes down well for one person may not adapt to the other, and vice versa.

Powder, concealer, base and bb cream

The perfect camouflage for your face should “fade” into your skin without marking your pores. So the impression you will have on finding the right cosmetic is that you are not wearing anything.

The best part of the body to test the adhesion and color of the product is in the jaws (a little below the cheeks.A few minutes after the application, touch your skin and check if its surface has become a little more oily.If the answer is affirmative, flee the versions in creams, preferring the powder and gel.


To choose the perfect shade, look at the color of your mouth, not your skin. The paler lips combine with cherry red or coral nuances. The dark ones go well with purple, red wine, brown and red brick. The naturally reddish mouths accept orange and rose shades.

Some releases have included inserting unusual colors in the collections of some  fashion bloggers , such as metallic blue, black, green, purple and other vibrant tones. There are no rules for their use, but these products are recommended for users of more creative and modern style who are not afraid to dare or be in the limelight.

If the lipstick tested is of collective use, focus on hygiene! Use a disposable brush to apply the lipstick and, if it is not possible, pass the product through your fingertips. The tone of this region is the one that most resembles that of the lips.


To highlight the look, it is important that the  shadow  complements the natural color of your eyes, and may even change the iris tone. Thus, the green eyes combine with nuances of purple (lilac, purple and wine) while the blues are enhanced with earthy and golden hues. For black and brown eyes, bet on colors such as lead, gray, brown and silver.


For the application of the  blush , the rule is not to exaggerate. This type of makeup should never mark the face too much, but rather add a flush to your complexion, only. Putting too much, even if it is to test the product and know its color in the skin, can give a wrong impression about its tone.

If you do not know which color is best for you, the tip is to choose the pastel shades if you have light skin or orange and earthy pigments for brown skin. Blacks can bet on bronze, wine and brown.

Did you see how it is not impossible to test multiple products without investing in the total value of each of them? These signature boxes are indispensable for those who want to adapt the makeup to the characteristics of their face and their style.

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